Vicious circle – a short story

The smell of fresh coffee fills the ampleness of the local community centre. Its bland, beige-painted brick walls are covered by different textures of children’s artwork – bright futures expressed on thin paper stuck to the wall by pieces of old Bostik. The comforting sound of an industrial fan contrasts with the faint snoring of … Continue reading Vicious circle – a short story

Life untitled – a contemporary attempt at modern poetry

Life An incessant urge to act reckless or somewhat productive; A constant dance between wanting to go all-in or getting simply lost. Couch naps after lunch, Longing for could-have-beens and random beautiful women; alternative realities, minding their own business as they pace up and down the streets. Urges to nosedive in smoke chasing rushes past, … Continue reading Life untitled – a contemporary attempt at modern poetry