Injidup: free form poetry


The sound of being left alone

Soars through these plains

as the ocean washes a mist of reality

upon the poet’s dry brow.

But tarmac leads the way

if one is to walk out of these woods.

I miss your cheeks’ softness as I caress the rugged bark

You can’t see the stars without the dark.


So ahead one must dig

In order to find what was always deep within

Night or day, go astray

As we find ourselves in sin.

Haiku: Not here

Here too words unsaid

Old stories locked by gazes

Friends stuck in phases.


Here too smiles go by

bold in ivory, meaning

floating, clever shy.


Here too flowers bloom

And sun shines through leaves, kissed by

starry nights’ pledges.


Here too hearts thicken

Sanded to many edges

as leaves start browning.


And time drags here too

Slippery between fingers.

Here too, the sun



Poetry portfolio: Experimental Writing – writing from an object’s POV

Splitting selves

I am

The extension of the blade

That has helped kill this planet









Regardless of the bluntness or sharpness the day finds me in,

I am the movable force that pierces through years of living history.

Swing me truthfully and ahead I shall crack,

Use me with doubt and you might have to swing back.

Feel your grip tighten as we prepare for contact,

Feel your calluses start to form as we leave nothing intact.

My grip, if wooden, is consequence of the work of my forefathers,

Can you guess who I am,

You modern-day-meaning carvers?