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  • Report: written to explore a tertiary-student issue:

Mental health support at Curtin – Report 

  • Personal essay: ‘Most embarrassing moment’ 

Most embarrasing moment – Essay 

  • Flash fiction: ‘Night warden’

Night warden – Flash Fiction 

  • Feature article: ‘Spin and its effect on the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict’

Spin and its effect on the perception of the Palestinian Israeli conflict – Feature Article

  • Short story:Call me Ishmael’ 

Call me Ishmael – Short story

  • Book review: Bukowski’s Post Office

Bukowski’s Post Office – Book Review

  • Travel writing:In love with Lisbon’ 

In Love with Lisbon – Travel Writing

  • Play: ‘Vicious circle’ 

Vicious circle – Play

  • Poem: ‘Injidup’ 

Injidup – Poetry

  • Exegesis:Vice in virtue: a price to pay or a means to an end?’

Vice in virtue: a price to pay or a means to an end? – Exegesis

  • Opinion:Why are you guys arguing?’

Why are you guys arguing? – Opinion

  • Proofread:Sabrina’s Dirty Deeds’ proofreading project (PDF)

Sabrina’s Dirty Deeds – Proofreading Project 

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