Interview portrait

The first time I met Anthony was at one of the biggest hippie lifestyle festivals in Western Australia, and I remember finding his energy contagious. He was the embodiment of what that festival was supposed to represent. This period was marked by a rhythm of partying not for the faint hearted.  Three years onwards and we lay on the grass for this interview under massive trees in front of an outback tavern. Whilst his massive Rhodesian Ridgeback wanders around, we smoke some rough tobacco Anthony grows in his bush property to get the conversation going. His long hair and beard are obfuscated by his contagious smile from ear-to-ear. Nowadays he seems to live a much quieter life, having chosen to migrate out bush full-time to get away from ‘all that’. ‘Lately I have become more abstract, more aware of myself as an individual amongst others.’ That was the first answer I got when asking Anthony to tell me about himself. He goes on to explain how everything around us is energy, and how nowadays he is much more aware of his. Not that I ever got the slightest trace of bad energy from him, but he always dwelt deeper into this line of affairs than most. His chicken-feet tell the stories of many smiles under the sun. ‘Talk about energy, scientific matter as the basis of everything’. It isn’t midday yet and Anthony already has more complex conversation starters than most. He does indeed carry a much calmer demeanour than in the past, but when he stares into the abstract, his kind, icy-blue eyes are a window into a soul which has paved the road less travelled. We have been friends for a few years now, but I’ve always listened to every single phrase he says as if I were interviewing him, drinking from his bottomless chalice of wisdom. The forty-five-year-old Zambian born is one of the most interesting people I know. I feel like the twenty years or so he has on me have been lived to the fullest. An extremely cultured individual, someone who you could chat to for hours without losing topic. He has been to the other side of the moon and back many times, and when he explains you one of his viewpoints in a sea of complex, philosophical-like matters, you get to understand how much he has learnt from his travels.

I have conducted this interview in a very relaxed environment, and the conversation came almost naturally, maybe slightly off-track, but that is ultimately Anthony’s essence, unconventional originality. He was happy with the portrait after a couple of changes.

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