A weekend in Fremantle (commissioned feature article)

Fremantle (or Freo for the locals) is a charismatic port city with a strong gastronomic culture and a vibrant nightlife. As soon as you get to know its secrets, you understand this is a place like no other.

In this article we have put together a three-day itinerary that assures you don’t miss a thing in this unforgettable weekend getaway. So let’s get started!

When landing at the Perth International Airport, you are looking at a half-hour drive to Freo, and companies like Uber or myAirshuttle can make this commute a breeze.

Top class accommodation like the Esplanade Hotel by Rydges, one of Fremantle’s most iconic landmarks, will make sure you feel right at home! With so much to do and see in town, its central position assures you don’t miss a thing.

Once you are accommodated, why not start exploring by crossing the road to see our award-winning Fremantle Youth Plaza, a beautifully designed skatepark with its huge Esplanade Ferris Wheel in the background. This attraction is a good way to get your first glimpse at the town, elevating you forty meters off the ground for as little as $12AUD.

Next must-see on the list sits just on the other side of the train tracks, our famous Little Creatures Brewery. The charismatic brew house is located right by the water, offering everything from craft beer to wood-fired pizza in unique fashion. This little treasure offers up to five different venues and experiences, so make sure to check out its website to find out which one suits you best.

From there, why not have a lovely walk by the water and check out Bathers Beach House. This is a great place to try some of Freo’s fresh seafood, or to have a cocktail on their sandy beach alfresco.

A few meters away you can find the WA Shipwrecks Museum, recognised as the ‘foremost maritime archaeology museum in the southern hemisphere’, promising an insight into Freo’s port history.

From there, another short walk will take you up to The Round House, a 19th century fort overlooking the harbour, always a favourite among tourists and the perfect spot for our world-famous sunsets! As you walk up High Street, you will get to know Fremantle’s West End and its iconic facades that house our Notre Dame University.

If you have managed to fit all of this into your first day, why not finish it off with a visit to the Harbour Master Restaurant, located inside the Esplanade Hotel, where a great meal accompanied by great Australian wine is guaranteed!

On the second day, if the weather allows for it, jump in the ferry for a fun ride to Rottnest Island. The best spot to hop-in is the E-Shed Ferry terminal, a ten-minute walk from the Esplanade hotel. This truly paradisiacal island off the coast of Fremantle is famous for its stunning beaches and is home to a very friendly marsupial, our Rottnest-native quokkas! Once on the island, there is a lot to see, so renting a bicycle is recommended if you aim to explore all of the jaw-dropping views. Tracks around the island usually take up a good half a day, but the last ferry leaves around 5, just make sure not to miss it!

Once back in Fremantle, the Cappuccino Strip is home to several restaurants and cafes, the most famous being Gino’s with its fine Italian pastries and coffee! If you are down to dance, make sure to check out Benny’s or the Odd Fellow, with live music to last you through the night.

If you have managed to check out all these places in under two days, there is still so much to see on your last day!

Our Fremantle Markets open doors on the weekend to amaze you with food stalls, live music and the widest selection of souvenirs imaginable. Once inside, you will discover a place where people come together to share and celebrate different cultures in true Australian fashion.

Just a short walk up the road, make sure to also visit the Fremantle Prison. This World Heritage building and its expert guides are guaranteed to give you an insight into the local history and its remarkable convict culture. For the adrenaline-seekers the Prison also offers some torchlight night tours, just make sure to book beforehand.

For your next stop you can hop-on the Fremantle CAT, our local transit free bus, which will take you to the Fremantle Arts Centre.  This old asylum, also built by convicts, is house to some of Australia’s leading art exhibitions and concerts, and the best part is that it is absolutely free! If you are lucky you get to enjoy its garden with some live music and a great cappuccino from its local café, Canvas.

So, what are you waiting for? With shorter flights in comparison to Sydney or Melbourne, and the same time zone as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Hong Kong, Fremantle is gaining more and more tourists. Companies like Singapore Airlines, for instance, recognise this and offer multiple daily flights.

Now that the itinerary is set, pack your bags and come indulge in Freo’s culture and scenery, it is an experience you surely won’t forget!

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