Character sketch (200-words: written for a Genre Fiction unit)

Her silky, golden wet skin gleamed on the ocean surface under the sweltering sun, demanding undivided attention in such a way that made my eyes hurt. Much like staring into an eclipse, she made you lose your ability to move altogether, let alone blink. Glistening through the water, she ran a most delicate hand through her hair, tucking its wet patches of dark smoothness behind her ears, unsettling my whole existence. She motioned away with an effortless backstroke without ever letting go of my gaze; the ocean-green in her eyes was stupefying, its almond-shaped flawlessness inviting my despair with a subtle, yet all-engulfing hint of a smile. Her mask of self-aware exquisiteness showed no mark of time nor prolonged thought to trouble her bronze features. And when her lips parted, a row of teeth as white as the underside of a humpback whale instantly anchored your deepest urges to her existence. The clear sea danced between the rosiness of her nipples as a pair of seamless breasts perked just above water level. Her shy navel alluded to a whole-bodied hypnotising symmetry; a pair of manicured feet displaying a row of rounded pink toes splashed away, its dazzling petiteness enough to make the most radical of miscreants bow before God’s creation.  

(With this sketch, I decided to experiment and created a character for the fantasy genre. This image of the woman luring the man towards her is an attempt to recreate the mythological creature of the siren in a slightly contemporary tone. In order to do this, I incorporated some of the components of erotic fiction of sexuality and love, in an effort to explore the power a woman can exert over a man: siren or not.)

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