When in Rome… – Travel Piece Teaser

After Rome became the 2nd destination to fly direct to from Perth, I decided to allow myself a few days to visit the famous city in the peak of summer. I can’t start to describe how delighted I am to have made that decision. The ancient city centre oozes with history, and one can only begin to grasp what sort of mischiefs the great kings and emperors got up to in a town of such epic proportions. The old facades are painted in such colours that modern-day paints can only strive to replicate; the bright oranges and strong pinks have faded through the years, making you feel like you are walking by buildings that have witnessed thousands of lifetimes. Romans honk their horns and yell from their Vespas as the sound of their tyres echoes against the cobblestones, reminding you the everyday life of the capital must go on. As you stop at a café to catch your breath, the whistling of the coffee machine, combined with the clicking and clanking of the porcelain espresso saucers will remind you: you are in Rome.  

(to be continued)

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